available positions at langley hotels & resorts

We always accept spontaneous applications.
You may complete your 
application in any of the following languages: Danish, English, Norwegian or Swedish.

working for langley

Langley offers a wide range of career opportunities in one of the fastest growing
industries in the world - hospitality and tourism.

Langley may be best known as one of the leading tour operators on the Scandinavian market.
But the majority of our employees, however, work within hotel and restaurant operations.

Each year Langley employs over 400 people to work at our destinations.
Cooks, tour guides, servers, sailing instructors, kids' club staff, bar and restaurant managers,
sales agents, dishwashers, hotel managers, ski techs and many more - all are needed at our hotels
and resorts.

One season or a lifelong career? The Alps, the Rocky Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea
or the West Indies? It is all up to you. We promise you an experience that would take years,
perhaps a lifelong career, to gain elsewhere.

Much of our success is attributed to our friendly and helpful staff and their dedication to
outstanding customer service.

entry level positions

When hiring to entry level positions (such as servers and receptionists), previous experience
is definitely a plus, but most important is your personality. We believe that the right person
can be taught to do almost anything.

Many of our employees are enrolled to university programs but have decided to take a short
break to gain some valuable industry experience by working for us. Others have completed their
education are looking to get their careers started.

management positions

Most of our managers and supervisors have several years of work experience from the industry.
Many also have a university degree, often within Hospitality Management. Promotions within the
company are encouraged and very common. Managers are, however, also recruited externally.

Summer 2018

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE part IN OUR summer team 2018?

The season starts in april/may until september/october.
We will start the recruitment process in january 2018.

Available positions:

Front Desk Manager - Langley Resort Napoléon Bonaparte, Corsica
Waiter/ Bar crew - Langley Resort Almirida Bay, Crete
Activity Staff - Summer hotels in Corsica and Crete
Restaurant Manager - Langley Resort Napoléon Bonaparte, Corsica
Chef - Langley hotels Napoleon, Almirida and Fort Royal
Sous Chef - Langley Resort Napoléon Bonaparte, Corsica & Langley Resort Fort Royal, Guadeloupe

The Caribbean 2018

guadeloupe team summer 2018

We are looking for; chefs, waiters, bartenders, receptionists, activity staff and managers, so please send your application via our application form.

We are currently processing work applications and we welcome you to send yours now via our application form. You can find the form in the ''Application'' tab on this page. Interviews will be held continuously up until positions are full. 

Available positions:
Reception Supervisor - Langley Resort Fort Royal 
Bar/Waiter - Langley Resort Fort Royal 
Kids Club- Langley Resort Fort Royal
Maintenance - Langley Resort Fort Royal
Activity Staff - Langley Resort Fort Royal
Chef - Langley Resort Fort Royal
Pastry Chef - Langley Resort Fort Royal
Sail & Surf Staff - Langley Resort Fort Royal

Winter 2018/2019

would you like to be in our winter team 2018/2019

Work at our hotels and destinations in the French, Austrian or Italian Alps as well as Canada.

We welcome you to send your work aplication via our application form. You can find the form in the ''Application'' tab on this page. Interviews will be held continuously up until positions are full. 

Available positions:
Reception Manager 
Reception Supervisor  
Kids Club
Activity Staff
Pastry Chef
Ski Tech
Ski tech Manager

Office positions

do you want to join our office team?

We have offices in Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

Available positions:

Currently we don't have any availble positions at our head office but don't hesitate to send in your open appliation to helena.gustafsson@langley.eu