Reception Manager

Langley owns and operates hotels that provide active relaxation for a discerning audience. 
Carefully selected destinations, a high level of personal service, stimulating activities and 
superb food ensure our guests enjoy an unforgettable experience

As a Reception Manager you are responsible to meet and greet guests in the hotel and act as the hotels primary representative towards guests and suppliers, including face-to-face contact as well as administrative duties.

Ensure that the highest standard of service and guest care is delivered in the department, including, but limited to, recruitment, training and supervision.

Main Duties / Tasks

• In charge of entire Reception shift
• Be able to cover all duties normally performed by receptionist; follow the current Reception Checklists.
• Monitor all reservations in order to ensure that the availability each day is correct
• Strive to optimize the occupancy rate, the average price per room and the turnover of FRR
• Ensure adequate staffing at all times
• Ensure perfect staff performance and discipline, training of new staff and supervision of the entire tea
• Establish good working relationships with the guests and visitors
• Update and monitor guest history. Be able to recognize and always greet returning guests.
• Always be aware of upcoming groups, VIPs etc. and be able to take appropriate action.
• Apply and implement procedures; existing or new to be implemented upon instruction from any department. Always be up to date.
• Know all services offered by the hotel and encourage guests to use them during their stay at the hotel
• Know the pricing policy of the hotel, the internal regulation as well as cancellation policy
• Know the LT Crisis Plan, FRR Fire Procedures and function of the defibrillator at reception.
• Aware of all Langley Brand policies and requirements standards
• Be able to deal with any inquiry from LT sales office concerning FRR policies and set up (pricing, extras, rooms, views, F&B package etc.) as well as any ev. guest incident.
• Basic knowledge in TOPS; able to verify LT TO reservations to meet guest demand
• Know the local environment of the hotel; city, culture, activities, shopping malls, and general information
• Listen to the guest at all times, strive to answer all requests from the guests as quickly as possible.
• Always be able to step up and take the overall responsibility for any customer complaint, as well as ensuring an efficient solution and a rapid response towards guest. Complaints should be handled tactfully and diplomatically.
• Know how to fill in an Incident Report and ensure that reception team shares this knowledge.
• Strive to keep communication between Housekeeping, Reception and Maintenance smooth, fast and frictionless. Follow up guest room issues when needed.
• Forward all relevant information to the other departments in the hotel.
• Ensure that the service offered and the provisions provided to the guests are up to company standard.
• Ensure that all documentation, on site as well as in room, is up to date and properly displayed in terms of spelling, information and layout (ex. use of font).
• Ensure that the telephone, Internet and safe deposit services are available for the guest.
• Be able to program keys, users and doors in guest door locking program Inhova. Super User.
• Be in charge of the TV Info channel; make sure that it is always running and up to date.
• Create and update reservations, allocations, group reservations, multi-room reservations
• Ensure follow up of billing instructions (correct room billing, package, ledger, room rate etc.)
• Register check-in and departures of all individuals and groups. Ensure credit limit and that arrival and departure clearance checks are carried out on every shift.
• Prepare lists of arrivals, departures, residents etc. Make sure that any written request on such list is taken care of.
• Prepare appropriate training of night receptionist so he/she can handle any late arrival/walk-in.
• Ensure cleanliness and order of the work space as well as back office/common administrative areas
• Responsible for back office stock/reception consumables. Always ensure best available rate among suppliers (bracelets, key cards, printed papers, envelops, etc.).
• Handle all invoicing towards LT TO ; Extra invoice as well as Main invoice. Make sure that prices in the reservation system are properly set against the calculations given from the LT Room Prices excel tool.
• Prepare the allocation for Langley TO in accordance to any request (category, #)
• Be able to prepare all required lists from Pentaho; (Hotel Guest Report, VIP, Supplement, Car Reservations etc.).
• Check the reports/changes/log for Housekeeping and notify HK Responsible of any discrepancies, preferably per mail.
• Responsible for the petty cash float for all shifts, in total 650€ that should be stored away upon closing after verification together with witness.
• Control and follow up of any discrepancies on the Daily Balance sheets (Telecollects, non-functioning TPEs or POS/PME, Payment Method errors etc.).
• Prepare bank deposits, cheques, Cheque ANCV to FRR coordinator as per given instructions.
• Responsible for any forgotten valuable item; ensure that proper action is taken to retrieve its owner/stored away safely/report or hand in to local authorities.
• Requisitioning items/forms
• Following up on unsettled bills
• Follow up on extension of stay and billing arrangements
• Ensure that all entries in logbook is read and followed up if necessary
• Conduct training
• Take part in the technical training of trainees within the department
• Take part in operational meetings, as well as internal training sessions and organize departmental meetings
• Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by other manager
• Any issue should be followed up with concerned department, and all irregularities reported to Hotel Manager without delay
• In the absence of the housekeeper, with the help of the assistant housekeeper, take responsibility for the supervision of the Housekeeping department.

The job requires English and French as language skills and minimum two years of previous experience as Front Office/Reception Manager.

The position is to be filled from 2nd October 2017 till end of August 2019. 

Please submit your application to